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Stefan & Julia vor WANDERBOX.jpg

julia and stefan – the WANDERBOX developers


We are a civil engineer, an architect and a carpenter. Design and quality play an important role in our daily life. The space we live in needs an identity and character. We have always found such a space no matter where - in Spain, Austria, United Kingdom or Germany. Once we found this place we wished to make it our home.


In 2015 we moved abroad and the Wanderbox grew due to a necessity. We needed long-living furniture, that are easy to move  and accompanys us wherever we go. The WANDERBOX supports a flexible way of living and takes away our fear of changes. 


We don't want to own many things- things we actually don't need and distract us from what is essential for us. What we own is of quality and to us it has value and tells a story. We try to minimize our material possession. The WANDERBOX offers enough space for all our belongings. 


Honesty and authenticity are important to us specially in our home. The use of a natural and sustainable material for the WANDERBOX is obvious to us. 

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